Artist Bio

I’ve always been an artist.

As a child my mother and grandmother saved every blank piece of paper or cardboard they came across. I scribbled on the backs of envelopes, the cardboard from legal pads, and even the packaging that panty hose came wrapped around (one of my favorites because of the glossy surface). As a teen I upgraded my canvas from pantyhose card stock to school books, chalk boards, soccer balls, tennis shoes, bathroom stalls, and ripped jeans. 

I studied architecture in college. After graduation, I became a designer, completing plans for houses, remodels, decks, and landscapes for clients across Georgia. My art manifested in the physical form of structures and plants.

This was my pre-cancer life. Cancer sent me scrambling for insurance and a retirement account. 

Fast forward twelve years. 

Been there. 

Done that. 

Now I make a living doing what I was meant to do. 

I’ve always been an artist.